Monday, 26 October 2015

Sovereignty and violence

As I get into my stride with the oracle I will post videos of the work as it happens, but for now the beginning shape of this is writing based on what I am being told. I am being asked to be a voice for one who is not voiceless at all, but who's voice is not being listened to by many. She is speaking to us in every moment, in all that lives. Everything is an omen. 

In setting up this blog; in enquiring of the Spirits and of Earth herself what the focus was to be, I was instructed over and over again that there should be an emphasis on balance between masculine and feminine energies but no gender bias. We all contain masculine and feminine energies, no matter how 'butch' or how 'girlie' we see ourselves; every man contains and inner feminine (receptive, intuitive, nurturing, the be-er) and every woman contains an inner masculine (active, striving, protective, the do-er).                

But the first thing I have been asked to talk about is violence against women. I cannot think of a more visceral example of a total imbalance between the masculine and the feminine than this. Last night it filled my dreams, this morning my tongue can taste it's bitterness on the air. When the feminine is subjected to violence that violence is done to the feminine in all things, in all of us, in the man perpetrating that violence - his inner feminine is wounded too.  When the masculine lies sleeping within women we do ourselves no service at all, our inner warrior does not protect us, does not stand up and fight for us.

The statistics for violence against women make blood chilling reading, depending on where you look for your figures anywhere between 35% and 70% of women worldwide have been subjected to violence during their lifetime, much of it sexual violence. More women die by violence than are killed by cancer or heart disease or any other single disease. Although the majority of violence globally is done to women within the supposed safety of their own homes there is also increasing evidence to suggest that violence against women as a tool of war is on the increase. In a twisted way this makes perfect sense - women's bodies, like the earth, reproduce. We are the cauldron, the container from which life flows. In this sense we are the Earth. So to make war upon women's bodies and suppress them is to make war upon the spirit of the land itself, to make war upon the sacred.

The duty and job of the masculine (in all of us) is to protect the creative ground of the feminine, literally and figuritively. When the masculine performs this function and does it with deep honouring the feminine can fully surrender under his care. Thus he is created King - he is The Guardian. The land, the feminine, women's bodies - these are sovereignty; sovereignty being "absolute, supreme and ultimate dominion and authority".  WITHIN EACH OF US - The Guardian must protect The Land.

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