Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Welcome to Earth Temple UK

In the beginning was the word.......and the word was truthfully spoken.

Since the time before time was counted, in the days before Eve ate the apple and for many centuries thereafter people made temples in honour of the Mother of All Things, The Cosmic Womb. In these places they entreated and prayed, supplicated and celebrated, sought and offered healing and listened to the words of Seers, Prophets and Oracles. The first of these oracles was Earth, she was the utterer - she who speaks from the uterus - from her connection to the The Cosmic Womb. She spoke the words given by her communion with that womb; the source of all and place of no-thing.

Since the time of this first oracle the temples have been re-dedicated over and over again to different Gods with different names and different agendas. Currently the god is Commerce and the agenda is acquisition, the temples are shopping malls and gambling halls and we have lost our connection to the sacred. Through the creation of Earth Temple I seek to bring about the re-instatement of a relationship with Earth that is all about gratitude for our one and only home, honouring the Mother of All Things and listening to what she has to say.  I believe that we live in a fully connected and sentient world. All things are related and are part of one whole living system which is enspirited.

Although the oracular work will initially be undertaken by a group of women, sisters united in their desire to bring to our relationship with Earth and every living thing into a state of balance and wholeness, there is no emphasis on the feminine in this work. There will be a spirit of friendship between the masculine and the feminine, one of equal but different. The feminine principle is that of receptive - she will receive the word. The masculine principle is active - he will make possible it's delivery. Neither of these statements having anything to do with gender. Both will stand in the place between, inhabiting the liminal boundary between this world and the other. We feel that it is incredibly important to bring about healing and wholeness for both masculine and feminine, that none of us can be free from the limiting and destructive paradigm in which we currently live until all of us are free. Let the polarity between masculine and feminine be that of partnership, union and mutual respect, not that of a stand-off.

The first stage of establishing this temple is it's existence as an on-line resource. This page is a community page and I encourage all who come here to participate in speaking on behalf of the beautiful green-blue jewel upon which we live or on behalf of the Womb of All from whence all life came. Please do this with integrity, report what has genuinely been your experience from a place of emptiness and openness, not from a place of judgement.

It is my understanding that it is not the Earth that needs healing - it is our broken relationship with Earth. We have forgotten that She is Sacred, we have forgotten to be respectful of all of creation and so we are in danger of annihilation and sadly will take many from the other than human worlds with us when we go - if we go. I don't believe it is too late, but there is a terrible sense of urgency in this work. We are teetering on the brink of the last minute and it seems that the only way to not fall over the precipice of this speedily shrinking moment into oblivion is to listen.

So - from a place of surrender and emptiness The Speaker - the oracle - will allow herself to be 'possessed by' the Earth, by the generative force that is the Divine. From this magical liminal place she will allow Earth to speak though her. From this same place The Listener will receive Earth's words - from mouth to ear - and will relay them here, thus becoming the speaker - you then become The Listener dear reader.......

Are you ready to listen to the words of Earth herself?


  1. a time for healing and connection thank you for this

  2. I am ready to listen and spread Dear Mother's urgent message, she is bleeding, she needs our help, we are the ones to do this, we are here now, speak to us, help us to raise our vibration so we can hear with clarity and walk in the truth that heals our separation from you xxxx