Friday, 6 November 2015

Earth Speaks

This work has savage beauty and wild grace, it is raw and hard and it leaves me spent, shuddering with tears. I walk out along the silver threads into the darkness, into the void to meet with the earth. I move upwards and downwards and within. I am everywhere and everyone. I am no-thing and I am nothing. In the few seconds it takes to speak these words hours have passed, suns have risen, shone and been obliterated, lifetimes have passed, aeons of time have faded into the darkness.
and She speaks.

In the vast silent hum of the cosmos - I AM.

You are Earth's Children making war on Earth's Children.

I am watching you.

I weep.
I weep.
My heart weeps.

There is supposed to be balance.
Where there is balance there is beauty.

I am asking you,
I am telling you,

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