Sunday, 13 December 2015

Three Sisters have sat in the Oracle's seat. Three sisters have received the same words from Earth.

"HOW DARE YOU? How dare you take my blood when I would have freely given you what you need?"

Each sister saw that these words referred to the practice of fracking. Each sister saw that many voices speak out against fracking but those who stand to profit from it have money in their ears and cannot hear these voices.

So I have been feeling desolate and despondent: How could I possibly make a difference in the world? What on earth was the point of sitting on a computer hectoring people about fracking, climate change, species and habitat destruction or condemning human greed and thoughtlessness? What would be achieved by badgering them to love the Earth? It wasn't going to work. Surely I was totally wasting my time and energy and simply adding to the problem by burning fossil fuels (although we buy electricity from Good Energy I'm very sure that doesn't mean that every blog page is without sin - of course it isn't).  I came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do would be to stop going on the internet at all and simply walk my talk - be utterly, inconsolably, irrevocably in love with the land. But then as soon as I had decided on that a sense of abandoning my duties to Earth would rear up and round and round I went in unhelpful circles.

I went to see my friend Dee Brodie - an extraordinary life-coach and one of the most effective agents for change I know. She asked me a very simple question - how does it make you feel? The thought of simply being able to be? Ah, it fills me with such joy. immeasurable, pleasurable, heaving, thundering, roaring joy. To simply be. To be on the land, in love with the land, honouring the land, respecting and interacting with the land. Bliss. By land I mean all of nature - the land herself and all who live alongside us upon and within and above the land. My body relaxed and lightened, the constant crease between my brows uncreased.

And I remembered; this is what Earth asked me to do. To transmit love.  No hectoring; no rage, no ranting, no raving, no guilt-trips, no fear. Only love.

And the left hand of love.

Which is grief.

Because when you love Earth - whatever you mean by that - you cannot help but feel grief right now.


  1. Such deeply beautiful and widely wise words.

  2. Thank you Sister for your heartfelt beauty xxx Em