Saturday, 27 August 2016


We are interdependent and interconnected, there is no clearer example of the Global nature of the modern world at the moment than the internet, and perhaps the contents of your average supermarket are a close second. Yet consider this.. among our ancestors, any time up until the industrial revolution, our food was almost exclusively grown within a few miles of our own front door, and within those same few miles of our own front door we probably knew, by name, every living being. Not just Arthur the ploughman and Annie the dairymaid but Chamomile flower for calming the stomach and Yarrow for a fever.

Now the situations are the very opposite of this, our food comes from far and wide and many of us cannot name our neighbours, never mind the plants in the hedgerows - if we're lucky enough to even have hedgerows.  This, I would suggest, is a poor state of affairs, and one that we should seek to change.

So I set you a challenge.... every time you leave your house, see how far you can get before you set your eyes upon a thing that you cannot name. And when you have found that thing that you cannot name, find out what it is called.

This is the way that communities are made, among the human and the non human world. And communities are good; communities foster co-operation, collaboration, compassion, connection.

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