Friday, 26 August 2016

We Are The World

So, if our ancient Shamanic Ancestors and modern Quantum theorists are right, if everything is connected and everything is made up of the same stuff, then as I look around, I am looking at my brothers and sisters, my aunts and cousins. There is a beautiful Lakota blessing or perhaps it's a prayer, which says 'All My Relations' - when they say this they mean the human and the more than human world, it takes into consideration the way all things are connected and interdependent in one very beautiful phrase. I have no desire to culturally appropriate that expression, but I believe that in the West we desperately need to nourish this awareness of our interdependence, our indivisibility from our Earth. It is clear from the way we behave that we don't remember our connection, we don't remember our relations. Could you battery farm chickens if you remembered that you and they were made of the same stuff? Could you chop down entire rain forests for a quick buck on palm oil - if you remembered that without those trees we cannot breathe? And that they are literally our grandparents. The plants were here, on earth, making the planet habitable, long before any animals arrived.

Devon is a breathtakingly beautiful county - we have many farms, businesses, makers and artists. We are, most of us, I believe, what  the wonderful writer Wallace Stegner calls 'Stickers' - we are people who love our land, who are quite content to be here and want for nothing more. Sadly our county is run by what he calls 'Boomers' - those who are motivated by greed, money and power. They want to make a killing and run.  I believe that it's time to look around us and really acknowledge our connection to all things, and to feel our gratitude for the world exactly as it is. We are not a voiceless part of some superior species of Boomers, we are part of the all and the everything. As Stickers we, and everything that we love, is indivisibly part of Nature, with a capital N, and she needs protecting, WE need protecting, from the ravages of a world that has forgotten that we ARE the world. We are falling in line with our own destruction and we have fallen out of relationship.

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