Sunday, 21 August 2016

What is Shamanism?

As far as we can tell, Shamanism is the oldest form of spiritual practice known to human kind. It looks like people have been practicing shamanism for at least 75 thousand years, maybe even more like 300 thousand years.

It's not any sort of a religion, it's more a way of seeing the world: It takes as it's most basic premise the notion that there are two kinds of reality; this one, known as Ordinary Reality, the physical reality where things have bodies, and Non Ordinary Reality, or the reality of Spirit, where anything and everything is possible. It is clear that Shamanism was practiced all around the world and throughout time - and that our shamanic ancestors have been saying two really important things; that everything is connected and that everything is made up of the same stuff. Quantum physicists announced their findings of the very same thing some years ago and as modern science catches up with ancient teachings we are seeing a resurgence in people's interest in Shamanism.

So if everything is connected and everything is made up of the same stuff then it seems to me that immediately we need to think in a different way about our world. If you and I are made of the very same stuff as the beautiful Oak that I passed on my way here, or the wheat that made the bread that made the toast that I had for breakfast then clearly there are some implications that I certainly was not raised to consider - I obviously can't speak for you

If I am the same as every tree, leaf, blade of grass, bend in the river, sheep and blackbird on this earth, If I am the same as Earth and rain and wind and the granite of Dartmoor, then every single one of these things deserves the same rights to life, respect and freedom of expression that I do.

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